Friday, April 8, 2016


So now that my parents and family are gone (so sad) I am spending all day long with baby Matias. It is so wonderful to be able to spend my days with him. Seeing him grow a little every day is the best thing I could ask for right now. He is little bit changed each morning. I love to peak into his crib in the mornings when he wakes up and listen to his noises. Once he hears my voice and sees me, he immediately gives me the biggest smile. That moment is heaven for me.

As much as I enjoy being alone with my little one, it is always nice to hang out with other moms and share all the things my baby does. Moving to Malaysia from New York left me a bit heart broken since I had to leave all my friends back in the US, as well as my friends and family in South America. Living in Malaysia is definitely an adventure that I am so glad I doing with Gavin and Matias, but I do miss hanging with my good old friends. Sadly, many of the moms that I have met here have already gone back to their home country.

Meeting new people can be hard, especially if you are new in town with a baby. That's why today I wanted to write about an upcoming app called KINDRED. This will be an app for mommies who want to meet other mommies. The app will be available early this summer and I can't wait to use it.  The team consists of Christina with her husband and the programmer.

A little about this app: The app will always be free and mama user friendly. The idea is for a mom to accept the other mom or not. If both moms accepted, then they get a Mama Match! Also KINDRED will help you start the conversation to break the ice. Imagine how simple it can be to meet other moms who are going through the same as you.

I am a big sucker for staying at home with Matias and just playing and napping all day. But being a mother has taught me that surrounding yourself with good company and exposing your child to good environments is very important during this thing called motherhood. I have learned so much from other mothers - both good and bad advice! Mothers should embrace each other and help one another.

I will update when the app is released and I give it a try to start connecting with other mommies.

Happy weekend to all!


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