Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Happy hump day! Two more days until the weekend. Today we took Matias to the doctor for his two months check-up. He is measuring 57 cm. and weighs 5.3 kg. He gained 1.4 kg in a month with just breastmilk. We couldn't be any happier about how the doctor's appointment went. :)
Talking about breastmilk, I wanted to share a little about my breastfeeding experience. The first week of nursing went well. Baby Matias and I were a great team from the start. But all of the sudden I had a crack and from that point in time my one-month of pain and misery started. I read everything that I could find online and tried all the good suggestions. Doctors and nurses gave me so many things to try but nothing worked. Then, my mom came and brought me Chilean teas and more lotions, and again no luck for me. In the end, it healed by itself and the pain of nursing went away. I am officially in love with nursing and it is the warmest and closest connection I had had with my son.
Since I started to nurse, I realized that most of my clothes were either too tight or not breastfeeding friendly. When you have a hungry baby crying for food, you want to be fast and efficient. Some mornings I went through my whole wardrobe looking for an easy outfit for nursing and realized my clothes were for a single woman not a mommy.
So today I am starting a new series on the blog about clothing items that have helped me survive the ride of nursing my newborn. I hope this series helps other struggling mommies out there and don't forget to share your thoughts and ideas. I love to read all your comments.

This time I wanted to share buttoned dresses and easy flats and mules.

Stripped blue dress: ZARA The fabric of this dress is so light and soft, perfect for spring with a sweater on top.

Blue Jeans Dress: ZARA The classic jean dress, with buttons for easy nursing. I would totally add a belt in the middle to make it pop a little more.

Pink Dress: MANGO I saw this dress and I had to get it. It is light pink and very friendly for nursing.

Blue Dress with Belt: MANGO Same as the pink one, sleeveless and with the belt makes a super cute duo.

Mules: ZARA These shoes are so comfy! They are the hit of the season right now.

Flats with tassel: ZARA Cute flats with a twist of the tassel on top. Easy to put on and off.

Now time for nursing baby MJ!



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