Thursday, March 17, 2016


My little boy is 8 weeks old, and in 3 days he will be 2 months old. Sorry for the cliché, but I just have to say that time has really gone by super fast, and he is growing way too quick. Just to give you an example of this, the other day I bought a container box to put away the clothes that he doesn't fit in anymore. How sad is that? My little boy, who once measured only 47 cm. and only had a few things that fitted ok, has outgrew his newborn onesies and pants. He is at the moment wearing his 3 to 6 months old clothes. The bright side of all of this is that he gets to sport cute new outfits that he has received as presents from our friends. Of course he looks adorable in all of them!
The other day, Gavin had some one-on-one time with Matias, playing at the jungle gym that my in-laws got him. They were looking too precious together so I had to snap some photos. If you guys didn't know yet, Gavin is the photographer of the family and has lots of practice with the camera. It took me a long time to just snap a few photos and and I still think they did not turn out that good. But the important thing is that I have the photos of them playing together and being super cute.
Tomorrow is Friday, and we are super excited for our upcoming trip to Thailand next week. Anyone been to Tup Kaen Sunset Beach Resort near Krabi? 


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