Saturday, March 19, 2016


I have been meaning to write this post for a long time but I always ended up postponing it. I wanted to share with you my five favorite things that I used during my pregnancy with baby Matias. This was my first pregnancy, so I was a little (sometimes more than a little!) clueless about some of things that were happening during the pregnancy. Despite all those years of studying early childhood education, many aspects of motherhood just aren't taught at school. I had to learn from other mommy bloggers and my own mom,  all of whom shared their own experiences about pregnancy.
So today I share my 5 things that saved me in those long and wonderful nine months.

1. H&M MAMA leggings: I used this leggings so much during my pregnancy. I wore them for yoga, pilates, and for my every day outings. I just wore a long top to cover my belly and the outfit was so comfy. Definitely a must have when you are pregnant.
2. La Isla Pregnancy Bra: I went to Target and bought a few different types of pregnancy bras to test them. This one was definitely my favorite. It is so easy to snap off and on and its made with soft materials, They also have them in a variety of colors. I liked this one so much that I got another one.
3. Cocoa Butter Stretch Marks Lotion: I was very scared of getting stretch marks in my belly, since I already had them in my legs (blame it on my puberty years). So I was extremely focused on getting the best lotion for my body. I loved the smell of this one and the feeling of how long it lasted on my body. I would usually put it on two time a days: once in the morning and once before bed.
4. Mothercare Belly Band: Definitely my favorite thing that I wore of my pregnancy. It kept my belly feeling tight but was not so tight that it would hurt the baby. It was really nice to have this band holding my belly and allowing me to feel supported.
5. Rainbow Light Prenatal One: Gavin did a lot of research on this subject. Some brands didn't have folic acid, or others were missing omega or DHA. This one had all the multivitamins that we were looking for. I loved that it was food-based and easy to digest.

I hope that this list helps you if you are, or maybe will be, pregnant or have a friend who is pregnant or even a pregnant wife. Pregnant mommies love presents!


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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing :)
    My youngest daughter is 1 now and boy do I miss when she was that small :) Enjoy it while you can.