Monday, March 21, 2016


I made it to his two months-old birthday! I am still alive, and enjoying every single second of my life with Matias. It hasn't been easy, and at times quite exhausting. But after all the sleepless nights, the never ending spit ups, and the hard work that a newborn requires, I wouldn't change my life for anything. Matias smiled for the first time March 3rd, and there are no words to describe the feeling that this made on me. He is getting much more alert about things around him. He likes to look around the room and see who is around him. He loves-loves bath time, and story time. He now has three rolls in each of his thighs, and his cheeks are getting fatter every day.

Here's Matias' update this month:
How old is he: Two months old
Baby MJ's size: Haven't measured him recently. 
Weight gain: He has his doctor's visit next Wednesday so after that we will know how much weight he has gained (and his height). 
Best moment this month: It was really lovely to pick up my parents at the airport and seeing them meet their grandson. Also, I enjoyed a lot my first birthday as a mom with Gavin, Matias and my parents. And I cannot stop thinking of the first smile that Matias made. Now he is smiling a lot, mostly when my mom talks to him.
Sleep: As I mentioned before, Matias loves to sleep. He is almost doing his nights. Some nights he has slept 7 hours straight. The first time he did that, Gavin woke up in the middle of the night to check on him. Matias is really good at differentiating from day and night time.
Movements: He will stay for a few minutes in tummy time, and then will start crying. He is much better at lifting his head and holding it. I really love how he moves his hands and arms. He discovered his hands and started to suck them. 
Nicknames: Gordito, my little one, Mati, pequeñito, Matis, Petit bebe, Petit cochon.
Mama's experience: Finally all my breastfeeding pains went away and I hope they don't come back. I am loving breastfeeding now, and Matias is eating well and gaining weight. One sad moment was to pack some of his clothes away. It is sad to acknowledge he will never fit in those tiny clothes again. 
Looking forward to: On Thursday we will be traveling to Thailand and it will be Matias' first travel. I am a little worried about a few things, but very excited for this big memory in our lives. Of course, I am also looking forward to our church wedding on April 2nd, eek!

Much love to everyone!


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