Family in Thailand

Thursday, March 24, 2016


My family and I just landed yesterday night in Krabi, Thailand. I love coming here because the people are so warm and sweet with you. Also the beaches are so beautiful and the food and fruits are delicious. We are in secluded area called Tup Kaek.
We took an afternoon flight and left KL at 5pm. I was a little nervous because it was the first time that Matias was flying and the first time I, as a mother, was in charge of a baby. Oh boy how different it is to fly with a child. After all the security and luggage check, the hardest part was to make Matias drink milk and swallow so his ears won't hurt. But Matias behaved so well, and there weren't any mayor conflicts.
We reached our hotel at 7pm just in time for dinner. It was in front of the beach at a cute terrace with floating lanterns. I am so ready for this holiday to start!
PS: Baby Matias slept through the entire time for the first time! He slept 8 hours straight

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