Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Today we had Matias' one month check up with his doctor. He was a total champ, he behaved so well at the visit. Doctor told us he is looking great and growing healthy. The nurse got his weight and measured him. He weighs 4 kg and he is 54 cm. He gained one kg in one month! I couldn't be more happy to hear he is healthy and gaining weight, since breastfeeding hasn't been all rainbow and happy emojis. I am not going to lie, at times I wanted to quit at it just because the pain was too strong. But in my motherly opinion, breastmilk is the best option for Matias' development, and also a very special moment for us to bond between mother and child.

Yesterday, we went for a walk at the KLCC park with my in-laws. We were lucky to be at the exact time when the water show was going to start. It is a quite unique show, with lights and music that is shown everyday in front of the Petronas towers. It was a lovely walk, and my father in-law was smart enough to bring the camera to snap some family photos.

In a different note, I wanted to share a link that I thought was interesting about women clothing. I have always thought that stores should not have a "one size fits all" in their clothing. Buzzfeed did a video showing a variety of women trying different items considered "one size" If you like this subject, click here.

XO Have a great day!

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