Thursday, February 4, 2016


Everyone seems to be getting ready for Valentine's day, either baking sweets, creating DIY decorations, or buying gifts. It is weird to think that last year's valentines, Gavin and I were skiing in Japan, and enjoying our holiday eating sushi for breakfast and riding super fast trains. This year, we are a family of three and experiencing the adventure of being a parent. Incredible how life changes.

I was never a big fan of valentines, either because I was alone, or Gavin was miles and miles away from me. But this year, even though we might not go out on a date, I wanted to create a cute outfit and share some romantic inspirations for his special day.

Check this fun article from Who What Wear with different outfits for Valentines. It has three outfits with a variety of shops and ideas of what to wear.

I adored all these photos of couples being super cheesy/romantic. 

And since there is no better thing than to watch romantic movies and eat chocolates in Valentine's day, I remember the romantic book from Sex and the City "Love Letters of Great Men". How romantic it could be to read or give to your special valentines.

What are your plans for V-day?