Thursday, February 11, 2016


We finally got some free time to take the newborn photos of Matias. He is already three weeks old, and out growing a few of his newborn clothes. Is crazy to think that there was a time when he was even tinnier than he is right now. Our little boy is growing way faster than I expected He is getting better at doing his nights. We had some rough ones, but he is back on sleeping up to 5 hours straight at night. He wakes up at night for feeding, and goes back to sleep right away. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he stays that way for a long time. He is enjoying bath time more and more every time. He loves to cuddle with his dad when he gets home from work, and have long conversations with him when his dad changes him into his pajamas. He is sleeping a lot in the day, but becoming more aware of things around him and trying to stay awake for a few hours a day. He likes to stare at the black and white butterfly he has in his changing station. He doesn't like to be in his crib or stroller for too long, loves to be held, cuddle, and sleep on our chest. He is a great eater, and great at spitting up. Tomorrow he will have his first passport from the USA, and next Wednesday he gets to visit the doctor for his one month check up. We love you Matias Oliver

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