Sunday, January 31, 2016


Happy lazy-Sunday everyone! Today Matias woke up at 9 am which let us sleep a little longer than on the weekdays. So far, he has been a champ at sleeping long periods at nighttime, and staying awake during the day. Matias and I haven't done too much, apart from eating and napping a lot. Gavin on the other hand, had time for soccer twice this weekend.

I still cannot believe we have our Matias with us. Supposedly, as of today, I should be 39 weeks pregnant and delivering in a few more days. He was suppose to be a February baby just like his mama. 

I could almost say I am feeling fully recovered from labor and pregnancy. After last Wednesday's doctor's appointment, she told me everything was looking great and almost back to normal. I do feel better since I do not have any pregnancy symptoms anymore, and finally my feet and hands do not itch anymore. Now, if I could only have more extra hours to sleep or catch up on my sleepless nights, I would feel so so much better.

For this week's favorites I have some pregnancy related items and others not. Actually, just one link is non-pregnancy related, sorry about that.

I never thought breastfeeding could be so hard and so lovely at the same time. I can see why some mothers prefer to feed their babies with formulas. It can be really painful at first and time consuming. But it can also be a bonding experience with your little one, that no one will ever have with him/her. And don't forget how natural and amazing mother's milk is in comparison with a man-made milk. To encourage all mothers or future ones, check this Harper's Bazaar article about Karolina Kurkov and breastfeeding.

All newborns have startle reflex, and during the night they will wake themselves up by "hitting" their faces. Matias was no exception, and would scratch or hit his face all night. We tried some swaddles, but he would always find a way to release his arms out of them. Finally, a friend of ours gave us the ergoCoccon, a swaddle and sleeping bag from ergoPouch. It really changed the nights for Matias and us. He sleeps better since he is warm and secure in the pouch.

I wish I had seen this useful post before delivering Matias.It tells you really good and accurate products that you will need when having a baby and breastfeeding.

Probably everyone already saw this video of Adele with James Corden driving and signing in London, but I just found it, and loved it. She has an amazing voice even for rapping.



  1. Cada día más linda mi Caro !!! Y como mamá te ves radiante!!! Irradias mucha felicidad !! Te mando un beso enorme !!!

  2. Gracias Maida!! Cada día más chocha y loca por el. Todos felices con nuestra familia de tres. Un besito!!