Sunday, February 7, 2016


I cannot believe two weeks already passed, and Matias is growing a little more each day. There has been ups and downs overall this week, but still enormously grateful to have him in our lives. Is almost as he has always been with us. I was looking at my dropbox folder the other day, and I came across old photos of Gavin and I in our travels around the world. It was kind of weird to think that back then we were single, and almost carefree. And to think that now we have a child to raise together and to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

We had some rough nights, were we thought we were going to sleep peacefully but then Matias had other plans for us. He is sort of wanting to sleep in our arms at night, and refuses to sleep in his crib or basinet. He is getting very spoiled by his papa and mama.

These last days have been very lay back and relax. We usually spend most of the time at home, cuddling, feeding, and kissing Matias. We are also getting all the papers ready for his citizenship and passports. We will soon be making our first travel with Matias, so the sooner we have his papers ready, the earlier we can start traveling with him. We have a summer holiday already in the agenda, and some local travel as well.

Hope your week went well, with more sleep than ours.


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