Saturday, February 27, 2016


It's my birthday and my mom's birthday today! I am so lucky to have my mom in town to celebrate our birthdays together. Probably the last time we spent it together was 4 years ago when I was living in NYC. Life is so much different right now than 4 years ago. At the time, I was studying my master degree. Now, I am married and have the cutest baby boy. I am so grateful to have my parents, my hot husband, and Baby MJ with me today. 

We had a relaxed day. I exchanged gifts with my mom in the morning and funnily enough the gifts were the same thing: earrings. Gavin later gave me three sweet gifts that I cannot wait to use. We had lunch at this healthy and vegan restaurant that I loved, but Gavin hates to go because the portions are small (for him) and they don't sell meat. We stayed at home in the afternoon, cooked some nice dinner, and baked a cake. 

This year I wanted to write 28 birthday wishes for all of you:

1. Take time for yourself.
2. Enjoy the little things.
3. Be patient.
4. Travel near and far.
5. Fall madly in love.
6. Keep a humble attitude always.
7. Learn something new everyday.
8. Test your limits.
9. Never settle.
10. Take naps.
11. Get lost.
12. Meditate.
13. Be yourself always.
14. Never let anyone speak for you.
15. Open your mind.
16. Laugh.
17. Dream.
18. Stay connected with your roots.
19. Call your family.
20. Love unconditionally
21. Read everything.
22. Find a hobby.
23. Make peace.
24. Listen with your whole self.
25. Let go of things easily.
26. Be grateful.
26. Keep a journal.
27. Surprise yourself.
28. Life every day like is your last day.

Sending all my love to all of you!



  1. So nice that you're near family! Happy birthday to you, and yes your baby boy is adorable!!
    xo, jill