Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Just a heads up, this might be the most complaining pregnancy update that I have ever written. I will try to keep my complaint levels down in the future!
This week was a little hard to enjoy my pregnancy, since almost every part of my body started to hurt or felt really uncomfortable. But, in a more positive note, we reached 35 weeks of pregnancy, and everything seems to go smoothly. We are in the last month now, and it seems unreal that in a few weeks we will have our sweet baby boy here. 

Here's this week's update:

How far long: 35 weeks = 245 days.
Baby MJ's size: Baby MJ is the size of a honeydew melon. 
Weight gain: Last week's doctor visit I weighed 57 kg and today I weighed myself at my yoga class and I gained 1 more kilo. I am sure my in-laws will be happy to hear that.
Miss anything: My wedding ring. Starting this week my fingers are so swollen that I cannot wear them anymore. My good friend Kelly told me she hung her wedding ring on a necklace, which I thought was a really nice idea, although I am a little scared the chain will pop out, and goodbye ring.
Belly button in or out: Outie
Best moment this week: On Monday I was all set and ready to go to my yoga class. I got my mat, water bottle, phone, and keys ready to head out. After closing the front door, and locking the door, I set one step to the elevator when I realized I was still wearing my sleepers. This baby brain is definitely ready to get back to a normal brain.
Sleep: Ugh, I wish I could say I sleep fine, but I don't. Either my upper ribs hurt, or contractions start right before going to bed, or I need to go to the toilet at 4 am and then fall asleep again around 7 am. I guess it is good practice for all the times I will be awoken by Baby MJ.
Symptoms: Ready to read some complains? Lower back pain has been a killer. It started Saturday and today it is almost gone. I went to yoga on Monday and it did help a little. Also, I have been going to the pool almost every day, to just relax and float in the water. Another symptom is my constantly swollen fingers and ankles.  Before, they used to get swollen when I went out for a walk out in the humid air. Now, they are even swollen at night.
Food cravings: Frozen yogurt ice cream.
Movements: Baby MJ is moving around, while I am moving even less. Going up any staircase is a killer.
Dreams: The other night I dreamt that Baby MJ pushed his foot hard against my tummy and I could actually see the outline of his entire foot. 
Looking forward to: Our next doctor's appointment is this upcoming Wednesday, so definitely looking forward to more news about labor and Baby MJ. Also, looking forward to having my in-laws in town. Gavin's mom arrives in 20 days!

Happy Wednesday to everyone. Sorry if there were too many complaints!



  1. I am very happy to read that you are piling on the pounds...... :-)

  2. I'm sorry sweetie! It sounds like you have sciatica =( I had it really bad in the the 2nd trimester to a point where I was limping. It came sporadically for three weeks and then it stopped. You are almost there! 5 more weeks!!! ❤️��❤️

    1. Yes, I read about it, and probably it was sciatica. Thank goodness the pain is all gone (for now) and keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't come back again. Love your blog. Can't wait to meet/see your baby!! xo