Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Only four or maybe three more pregnancy updates after this one. D-day is closer than ever. This is my last day as a 36 weeks pregnant mom-to-be, and tomorrow we start the "early term" of pregnancy with 37 weeks. I am happy for Baby MJ to complete his "full term" inside of me, and gain as much weight as possible. 
I still cannot believe we are so close to meeting him in person. I am having so many mixed emotions getting so close to the due date. In one hand I want to see his face, and wonder if he looks more like Gavin or me, and be able to smell that addictive newborn smell that every baby comes with. But in the other hand, I want to have him inside of me as long as I am capable of. Right now, he isn't too cold or too hot, he gets fed regularly, and gets to sleep whenever he wants to. Sadly, reality will kick in one day, and he will have to leave my womb. But for now, I am still enjoying his sweet movements, his hiccups, and everything that pregnancy brings, even though I complain at times that I am already over it.

Today we had our doctor's appointment, and everything seems in order.

How far long: Today is my last day of being 36 weeks pregnant. Baby MJ has been inside of me for 252 days.
Baby MJ's size: Baby MJ is about as long as a romaine lettuce. He weighs 3 kilos already. And the circumference of his head measures the size of a 38 weeks baby. His heart beats at 145 bpm.
Weight gain: Since everyone started to push me on gaining more weight, well I did. My last visit I weighted 57 kilos, and today I weight 59 kilos. Overall, I have gained 8 kilos in this pregnancy.
Miss anything: The comfort of sleeping on my belly. Although, having Baby MJ in my belly is much better, I still would like to switch at night into other sleeping positions. 
Belly button in or out: Out
Best moment this week: I really enjoyed putting together Baby MJ's dresser from IKEA, and finally having his nursery ready. 
Sleep: I keep waking up at 4 am, and then falling asleep around 7. Maybe is my pre-newborn practice for the sleepless nights I will have pretty soon.
Symptoms: My body has been feeling much better than last week, without any back pain, and not a single contraction. My only aches are the swollen feet and hands.
Food cravings: Smoothies, apples, avocados, and naps. I actually have been craving to sleep longer, but I cannot find the way to fall asleep.
Movements: Today at the doctor's appointment I was able to see Baby MJ moving his mouth. It looked like he wanted to talk to us, but he was actually swallowing some amniotic fluid. This was the first time I saw him with his eyes wide open, and moving his mouth. So adorable.
Dreams: didn't have any special dream this week. But Gavin told me this morning he dreamt he was at the delivery room, and once Baby MJ came out, he was actually a she. Hmmm I wonder who is obsessed with having a baby girl one day.
Looking forward to: Delivery!



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