Tuesday, January 19, 2016


SURPRISE! I am in the early stage of labour. Late Friday night I started to have very itchy feet and hands. It definitely didn't seem normal, since I never had it during this pregnancy and it didn't let me sleep at night. After some tests, we found out my liver wasn't fine. All this itchiness and the test results led the doctor decide to induce the labor. We are having this baby today/tomorrow!!

Since I am at the clinic, this will be my last pregnancy update. Next time I write, it will be with Baby MJ in my arms (or next to me).

Gavin and I are very excited, to meet this little person that will definitely change and transform our lives into something more beautiful.

Please keep Baby MJ and us in your prayers!

How far long: 37/38 weeks = 259 days 
Baby MJ's size: Baby MJ is the size of a Swiss chard. I do not eat Swiss chard but I guess it is similar to kale??
Weight gain: They just weigh me, and my weight is 61 kg.
Miss anything: I haven't missed anything this week. But the moment the doctor told me I was going to be induced and deliver the baby soon, I started missing having Baby MJ inside of me. The thought of not having him inside, and feeling his kicks, made me sad.
Belly button in or out: Out
Best moment this week: Probably this exact moment is the most exciting and best thing that has happened to us so far.
Sleep: Well... since I had the itchy feet and hands, I wasn't able to sleep too much. 
Symptoms: All of them!
Food cravings: Ice-cream, yogurt, and fruit.
Movements: I will miss all his movements :(
Names: Top secret now...
Looking forward to: Meeting our little angel, and be able to hug him and experience parenthood with Gavin.

Sorry for the short update, but contractions are not my favorite thing to have when I am writing.



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