Sunday, January 3, 2016


I got really inspired with all the photos and collages that people have been posting about their year. I could say 2015 was definitely an unpredictable year, full of ups and downs. Sadly we had to say good bye to a few good friends this year, which was a hard thing to do when you live as an expat away from your family. But we also had incredible news and events.

As a soon-to-be family of three, we are looking forward to this new year, although we still have so many questions about parenthood. I cannot wait to share our special moments with you all, and to keep all the memories of our first son in this blog.

Some of our highlights of 2015:

- Found out we are expecting our first child.

- Gavin proposed to me, and we got married in San Francisco.

- We had the opportunity to teach english to local refugee children.

- Shared special moments with family in the USA and in Canada.

- I restarted my painting hobby.

- Got the news we are having a baby boy.

- We got the chance to visit: Myanmar, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Philippines, and New Zealand.

- We had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family of two.

And lots more!

I cannot wait to share more of our special moments to come for this year (welcoming Baby MJ to the world) and we are already planning on having some family members in town, whom I am so excited to see.

I wish you all a happy new year, and if you made some new year's resolutions good luck on keeping them!
Lots of love.



  1. Looks like a wonderful year! Next year I bet your collage will be filled with pics of that sweet baby boy. Happy 2016!
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    1. Carly you are so sweet! Thank you for your comment. I didn't even thought about it. Hope you have a happy and great 2016! xo