Monday, January 23 2016


Matías Oliver Menzel-Jones is here! He was born Wednesday 20th, January 2016 at 3:20 AM. He has black hair, a button nose, dark blue eyes and very long fingers. He is 5 days old, and we are already obsessed about him. He loves skin-to-skin time with his Papa, and he has been eating really well, with a big appetite like Gavin. He got a special visit from our friends at the hospital, and on Friday his Oma (grandma in German) arrived into town.

He already had his first car ride, which Gavin drove perfectly, while I sat next to him. On Saturday, he had his first outing in his Solly Baby Wrap (amazing wrap for newborns) with his Papa and his Oma. I stayed at home waiting for the grocery order. And I am not going to lie, I was heartbroken to him leave. I know he was in perfect hands, but it was the first long separation we had ever had. 

He was supposed to come to the world on February 3rd, but in my 37th week of pregnancy I started to get an intense itchiness in my feet and hands that didn't allow me to sleep or do anything without me scratching all the time. After some tests, we found out my liver was off the chart. The cause was likely a condition called Obstetric cholestasis. With Gavin and my doctor we decided it was safer for baby and me to deliver Baby MJ immediately than continuing with the pregnancy and with the potential risks that this condition could bring in a pregnancy.

After inducing me at 3 PM on Tuesday, my first contractions started to kick strong around 6:30 PM. By 10 PM the anesthesiologist was giving me the epidural which helped me feel so much better and allowed me to enjoy the process so much more than if I hadn't taken it. I was ready for pushing at 2:50 AM. The actual delivery took us around 20 to 30 minutes, and by 3:20 AM Baby MJ - Matías Oliver came into our lives. 
I don't have the right words to describe how amazing and magical it felt when they handed Matías in my chest. It feels like you are meeting the love of your life all over again, but you actually have the love of your life next to you and together your are meeting the fruit of that bond, a little human being that will make both lives more magical, more special, and more unique than ever.

My recovery has been going smoothly so far. We only stayed Wednesday night, and by Thursday afternoon we were packing our stuff, and heading home with Matías. My body has been feeling great, I don't have any itchiness in my body and my liver is in the process of recovery. I am getting the hang of breastfeeding, which is another chapter in my life that I had never experienced but truthfully feel very special to have with our child. 

There are so many new things we are exploring with Gavin over the past few days, and I am looking forward to all the new moments we will experience in the future as a family of three.

Right now, Gavin is sleeping and trying to recover from a cold he got at the hospital, while I have our little sleepy baby Matias next to me.



  1. I am balling, thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment Carolina! You have such a beautiful family! <333

    1. Thank you Sandra! I cannot wait to see photos of your sweet baby boy!!! xo

  2. SO exciting! Congrats on your new little one :)