Friday, January 8, 2016


One thing I am really obsessed on cultivating around the house is bedtime stories. My ideal goal for this year would be to read to Baby MJ every night a book. It sounds very unreal, and some moms out there will probably be laughing at me. But a new mom can dream sometimes too. When I say one book, it means it can be a small board book, or just a picture book. The idea is to start a routine from early as a newborn, and slowly show the love for books to Baby MJ.

A few months back, I wrote a post about Gavin reading to Baby MJ at night. We are still reading to him, English and Spanish books. Some nights we are very tired, and skip it. But most of the times Gavin will either read a board book, or even his own book from his kindle.

In this post I wanted to share some new books that can be read to babies in utero, or for later. I wanted to add more multicultural books, to embrace all the cultures that Baby MJ will be around.

Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go: This book is an adaptation from Dr. Seuss original book, with the purpose to be read to baby even before born. I loved all Dr. Seuss books, and their fun rhymes. This book is an introduction to the variety of books that Dr. Seuss wrote.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be: This book can be read before and after birth. As a parent (or soon-to-be parent) you start imagining what your sweet bundle of joy will be when he/she grows up. This book gives you that feeling and prepares you for the one day your baby won't be a baby anymore.

Everywhere Babies: This book shows your baby that there are millions and millions of other babies who also sleep, eat, cry (etc) all around the World. Really good to show the diversity of this beautiful World.

The Crown on Your Head: We all think our baby is unique and special. This bedtime story tells children they need to believe in their own uniqueness and shine the light they have been given at birth.

Your Baby's First Word Will be DADA: Jimmy Fallon has a book, and a very funny one. I just loved how funny it is, and how simple and truthful it can be.

Hello, Baby Beluga: I liked the question and answer format that this book has. Readers can really learn about the Baby Beluga, and it also teaches about waiting and taking turns when listening to others speak.

Fiesta Babies: To incorporare a little about Latin culture I had to add this book about the many aspects and traditions that latino people have.

If you have or your child has any favorite bedtime stories or already read some of these books please let me know in the comments. I would love to read about other books to expand our children's library.



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