Wednesday, December 23, 2015


We actually made it another week with Baby MJ still inside of me, and with no problems at all. Thank goodness everything seems normal and no signs of him coming anytime soon. I still feel his hiccups in my lower belly though, so he hasn't turned at all. 
Our next appointment with the doctor will be next Wednesday, before the new year. Hopefully we get good news about our due date and most importantly about Baby MJ's progress.
Not a lot happened last week, but this is our baby's progress:

How far long: We are 33 weeks pregnant = 231 days 
Baby MJ's size: Baby MJ is the size of pineapple. Yes, I've a pineapple size baby for sure.
Weight gain: Since I was scared Baby MJ would come earlier, I started resting and eating more protein (milk, dairy, eggs) and of course some christmas cookies. No idea my weight right now, but surely more than last check up.
Miss anything: Last week I definitely missed Gavin at home more often. And with that, I missed my family as at the moment both sides of the family are all gathered for Christmas. I would love to see my niece and nephews right now.
Belly button in or out: Haven't popped out, but definitely is all stretched out.
Best moment this week: So Uncle Bhasky send us this link about the research on reading, singing and playing music to the baby in the womb. We have already read lots of things at bedtime, and I've played lullabies to him. But this week, Gavin had the idea on playing and singing "Rammstein". To my surprise, the was bothered as far as I know, and music wasn't that bad.
Sleep: Sleeping has been all changed since I have been waking up for bathroom breaks and since Gavin was getting back home at an odd hour from his night shift. 
Symptoms: I am getting slower and slower at everything, lots of pains in my rib, and feeling hungrier every day.
Food cravings: Cookies, milk, cheese, and more cookies.
Movements: He is kicking my ribs, and hips, and stretching a lot inside there.
Names: Four more weeks to tell you.
Looking forward to: Having our family over and celebrating Baby MJ's birth with them.

PS: Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!



  1. Hey I like Rammstein!

    1. It was a really fun experience listening to them and singing to Baby MJ. XO