Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Usually I write my pregnancy update on Tuesday, but since we are traveling and getting to see so many incredible places I will delay the update till tomorrow,  Wednesday.

Yesterday was a busy day from morning to night. We got up at 7:15AM and left our room at 8:15 (I'm still impressed I was able to be on time). We decided to do a day trip towards Milford Sound, a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, and also enjoy all the sites along the road.

The first stop on the drive was at "Mirror lake" where we could see the reflection of the mountains on the lake. It was a nice walkway and great view. We drove by so many creeks on the road, and the constant landscape was mountains, some of them were covered in snow, and plenty of waterfalls. We stopped again at a creek, and spotted a KEA, an alpine parrot. 
Later we stopped at a place called "The Chasm" where we saw the strong current of the water streaming through the river, which had shaped neat rock formations.

Finally we got to our final stop of the day, Milford Sound. A lot of people visit this place to cruise on the lake in big cruise ships, but we decided to just enjoy the view from the shore. We did some walking around the area and then did a picnic next to the mountains.

At night, we booked a tour to the Te Anau Glowworm Cave. A neat cave you visit at night, and watch the glittering glowworms deep underground. We took a cruiser to the caves, and enjoyed the glowworms at a pitch black cave.

Happy Tuesday!


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