Thursday, December 3, 2015


I'm so sad to write this post, since it will be my last one from New Zealand. We are heading home early in the morning, stopping in Auckland's airport and then a 10 hour flight back to KL, Malaysia.

It's very hard to leave one place, specially since it has been a great holiday, and probably the last one before Baby MJ comes to join us in the adventure. This country is really beautiful, and full of things to do every single day. 

Yesterday, Wednesday, we borrowed the bikes from our rental place, and biked around the lake. We got to Queenstown Garden, which had a beautiful display of peonies. I have never seen such pretty and big flowers in my life. After we walked around the garden we biked to a small local cafe for lunch. 

We also went for a wine tasting (only Gavin tasted) at a vineyard. It was a very hot afternoon, so we skipped walking around the vineyard. Instead, we drove to a near by bridge where people go for bungy jumping. Neither of us actually jumped.

We had our last dinner in New Zealand at home, and prepared everything for our departure day tomorrow.

Thanks for reading about our travels. We had an incredible time in this country, and would definitely recommended to visit it.


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