Wednesday, November 25, 2015


What a great week it has been! We had my father-in-law in town, visiting us and Baby MJ, and now Gavin and I are exploring the south island of New Zealand. On Tuesday morning we woke up at Mt. Cook with a heavy rain, so that made us slow down a little bit for the day, and just spent most of the day indoors. We did small walks to a lake, and to a viewing point. New Zealand is truly beautiful. Everywhere we go, we are astonished by the beauty of this country. There are animals everywhere, mountains covered in snow, and we saw at least three rainbows in a day. 

Today, Wednesday, we were more lucky with the weather, with a lot more sunshine, so we were able to walk a small trail to a glacier. We hopped in the car again and drove for three hours to a little town called Wanaka. We are staying at an airbnb at the moment, the host has been really friendly and helpful with a lot of ideas for tomorrow's activities. Tomorrow is extra special, because is Gavin's birthday (YAY), so we need to celebrate it in a New Zealand way: flying lesson for him, follow by a bike ride, and a dinner reservation at an Italian restaurant.

Ok, now for Baby MJ update. We are 29 weeks already! Just 11 weeks away from holding our precious baby boy. I have been feeling fine in this trip, so no worries at all so far.

How far long: 29 weeks = 203 days. A baby deer is born at 201 days.
Baby MJ's size: Baby MJ is the size of a butternut squash. Butternut squash are quite small, and for some reason it feels as if he was the size of a watermelon.  
Weight gain: I don't have a scale in New Zealand, but probably gained a few more pounds in this trip so far.
Miss anything: Nothing to miss right now. On Monday we had sushi, wait! do not panic, it was vegetarian sushi that Gavin found for me. Every bite was wonderful in my mouth. 
Belly button in or out: In, but it seems like the top part of my button is coming out.
Best moment this week: People are being so friendly here, and usually will ask me how many weeks I have, or if we know the gender. I have been enjoying this trip so much, just being with Gavin, driving around the beautiful country side, and getting to know so many new places. I feel really blessed right now.
Sleep: I decided I wanted to bring my pillow with me to this trip. It might sound crazy, the places we have been staying have great pillows, but nothing is better than being in a new place with a foreign bed, than to rest my head on my own pillow.
Symptoms: I am getting more slow at walking, specially if it is up hill, but I have enjoyed every walk with Gavin, and he has a lot of patience, and even waits for me if I am too slow.
Food cravings: Samosas. We finally found an indian restaurant here in Wanaka that has them. I had been craving them all week and couldn't find them in KL.
Movements: He moves so much, and I can feel his body getting stronger now.
Names: Wish I could share it.
Looking forward to: I am really excited for the rest of our trip, but I am also reminding myself to be in the present moment and enjoy the present. I am looking forward to telling Baby MJ about our trip, and go on family holidays.

Have the best Wednesday ever! Love from New Zealand


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