Tuesday, November 3, 2015


First pregnancy update of November! From the last update I did, everything is the same, although I feel my belly is bigger. 
I cannot believe Halloween is already over and the next big holiday is Christmas. Gavin and I will be staying in KL for Christmas since my belly will be too big to comfortably fly, also we don't want to fly so close to the due date. But we are having one more trip to do before Baby MJ comes and yesterday we bought our tickets. Our next vacation will be soon at the end of November where we will celebrate Gavin's 31st birthday.

Here's more about Baby MJ's progress:

How far long: 26 weeks = 182 days. Just 3 months until D-day.
Baby MJ's size: Baby MJ is the size of green onion. He definitely grew a few more this week.
Weight gain: I haven't weigh myself. Next week we have our monthly doctor appointment so I will know more about my weight and Baby MJ's.
Miss anything: I miss wanting to eat more salads. I used to be very good at making salads and be full with a nice mixed salad. Now I always want to eat lots of carbs rather than a leaf of kale. 
Belly button in or out: Any guess? Belly button is still in.
Best moment this week: I really enjoyed halloween with our friends and handing out candies with Gavin. I don't mean to brag, but he is really good at interacting with kids, for example he always has energy to play a random game and the kids always end up full of energy.
Another good moment was getting a little more motivation to hit the gym, just a short 30 minute workout, nothing too hard. This light workout has really changed my energy during the day, and I feel more empowered to do things around the house.
Sleep: Sleep has been going great, with my usual one visit to the toilet. By 11 PM I'm already sleeping.
Symptoms: Everyday I have been telling Gavin how big my belly is, and that I cannot imagine having a bigger belly. He's totally tired of this, because he knows my belly isn't that big, and in a few months it will actually be huge.
Food cravings: I have been craving cheese sandwiches, and baking, so don't be surprise when I share some of my baked goods.
Movements: He's moving a lot, and more often. Also at 26 weeks Baby MJ already can open his eyes, and hear his mama's and papa's voices. 
Names: We have both names set, but waiting to see his precious face to confirm.
Looking forward to: This week we have a huge package arriving from my mom and is packed with goodies for Baby MJ. I can't wait to see the little pajamas, and all the baby's essentials getting settle in the nursery. 

Best of luck on your week!


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