Tuesday, November 17, 2015


What a week we all had. I am still in shock with all the bombings, and the amount of hate that we saw these last days. Thankfully we also saw how much love was spread around the world in support of all the victims and their families. This video had the perfect message.

We can only pray and hope things will get better, and that we can live in one world in peace. I get so scared with the idea of bringing a baby to this world, seeing how cruel some people can be.

In a more positive note, we have reached the third and final trimester with Baby MJ. Far gone are the days where my belly was flat, where I could sleep on my stomach, and where I could pick up things easily. I am getting more used to the idea of having a big belly, and the pros and cons about it. 

Here's my pregnancy so far...

How far long: 28 weeks = 196 days. 7 months pregnant!
Baby MJ's size: Baby MJ's the size of a head of cauliflower.
Weight gain: Last Wednesday we went to our monthly check-up and got on the scale. I had gained 2 kilos this month, eek! So far I have gained 4 kilos in the 7 months, which sounds ok, but my doctor said I should stay with gaining one kilo only a month. I guess spinning class will do great for me and baby.
Miss anything: I miss sleeping in all the different positions that I used to sleep. Now I am strained to sleep on my left side, and only my left side. Can't wait to sleep a little more free after Baby MJ comes.
Belly button in or out: In
Best moment this week: It was comforting and reassuring to hear the doctor say Baby MJ is developing great, and everything seems ok so far. Baby MJ weights 1.1 kilogram, which is perfect for this stage. Also doctor told us we are fine to fly this Saturday for our 12 days holiday.
Sleep: I can't seem to fall asleep easily at night. Either someone snores too loud, or my body gets tired of sleeping on the same left side. Only thing that is helping right now, is to take naps during the day, even though my in-laws laugh at me for napping so much.
Symptoms: Sleepy most of the morning, and forgetful of a lot of things. 
Food cravings: I have been staying away from caffeine, because before getting pregnant drinking coffee was very strong for my belly, so I decided to just stay away from it throughout this pregnancy. But lately, I am dreaming of a nice cold caramel frappuccino or a warm matcha tea.
Movements: Infinitive amount of movements now. When we saw Baby MJ through the ultrasound doctor told us he had his head down. Hopefully he likes that position and will stay like that when delivery day comes.
Names: Top secret now...although some people already know...
Looking forward to: Taking long long naps with my baby. And our last trip of a family of two. Can't wait for the cold weather.

Best wishes for all of you!


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