Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Another week, another pregnancy update. This is my last week of the second trimester, eek! Soon we are going to start the third and last trimester. I hope that not too many things change. I was already used to this trimester, like having more energy (except for my daily naps) and feeling great all day. I only wish nausea is not part of the third trimester.

Today is Deepavali, a Hindu celebration, so in KL we get another public holiday! We had breakfast outside with Gavin, and enjoyed swimming in pool. Everyone who is pregnant should try going to the pool. The belly feels so light, and jumping and floating are so easy in the water.

Today's update:

How far along: 27 weeks = 189 days. A little baby baboon takes same amount of time to be born.
Baby MJ's size: Baby MJ is the size of a head of cauliflower. He started to open his eyes, and I can feel his little hiccups. 
Weight gain: Tomorrow I have my monthly check up, I will know then how much weight I gained. Baby is supposed to be 1 kilo ha.
Miss anything: Nothing actually. The only thing I have been wanting to do more often is ride the bicycle, but it could be too dangerous in this city. I might go to the gym and join their spinning classes.
Belly button in or out: The other day Gavin thought that my skirt's button was my belly button and for a millisecond we thought the belly button was out. No, not even close to being out.
Best moment this week: It was very special to see all the present that Baby MJ got from my parents. Also we started to book different accommodations for our trip (we leave in 9 days) and thinking this will be our last big trip until we get to travel with our son :)
Sleep: Sleeping around 8 hours at night, and I can't say I am going to the bathroom at night, because either I am too sleepy to remember, or I might have stopped going in the middle of the night.
Symptoms: Definitely feeling a lot more weight in my belly, and getting used to it can be hard. Most of the times when I walk next to Gavin, I need to catch my breath or remind him to walk slower. Fortunately I don't have any back pain, but I realized my legs are more puffy.
Food cravings: DAIRY! And fruity smoothies. 
Movements: I thought Baby MJ has been moving lots, until another pregnant friend (she is 32 weeks and this is her second pregnancy) told me that babies actually stretch a lot. eek!! Not looking forward to that feeling.
Names: I wish I could share it, but it is still a secret :)
Looking forward to: I can't wait to stroll with Baby MJ, and pick up his papa at work one day. 

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. You look sooooo beautiful Carolina =D I love love love love your blog! <33333