Sunday, November 29, 2015


We arrived in Dunedin, New Zealand on Friday afternoon. Since it was raining all afternoon we spent most of the time indoors. Luckily Saturday we had a beautiful sunny morning so we decided to do more outdoors stuff before the rain hit us again.

We started our Saturday at the Farmers' Market, with lots of local shops selling from Manuka honey, to fresh pastries and breads, to beautiful flowers. The day was perfect to walk around the little shops, and explore the old train station (the most photographed train station in the southern hemisphere) next to the market. They also sold lots of delicious things to eat, but sadly we had a big breakfast at home before heading out so we couldn't try any yummy treat.

After the market, we walked around town, and found a Scottish festival, where Gavin was invited for whiskey and I watched the traditional Scottish dance. Although the day was gorgeous to be outside we made reservations ahead for the Cadbury factory tour. It was a funny experience, lots of chocolate everywhere and we ate melted chocolate until we couldn't eat any more. 

Later we headed to the Larnachs Castle since we were told it had a beautiful garden not to be missed. We had a little rain on our visit, but definitely worth it. There were many native plants of New Zealand. It was a great time to spend outside listening to the birds and enjoying the view. 

And before finishing the day (by this time I was already exhausted) we visited Baldwin St. the world's steepest street. Luckily for me, I could go up the street easily on the steps, if not me and Baby MJ wouldn't have made it. Once we reached the car, the rain started to pour out hard, so we headed back home for dinner and sleep.

Today Sunday we travelled to Te Anau, NZ and stopped in a few places around the road. I will share those photos tomorrow.

Best weekend for all!


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