Sunday, November 15, 2015


The weekend is almost gone. We are at the moment enjoying the last hours of Sunday, and recovering from our dinner last night. This weekend started with the arrival of my father-in-law, who came for a few days, and Gavin and I cooked for our Thanksgiving dinner. A few days ago, a couple of friends and us decided to celebrate Thanksgiving earlier this year, since we are leaving to our 12 day trip next Saturday, and some friends are also busy packing for their holiday trips. Gavin and I were in charge of salads, vegetables, dessert, and a nut roast. It was great to have extra hands to help around the kitchen.

On Sunday, we took the day a little easy, considering all the food we had the previous day, and walked around one of the Indian neighborhoods (Brickfields). I even had time to do a bit of holiday shopping for my family.

Below are some pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner, and a few links I found this week:

Even though I am a bit scared of my labor, after I looked at these 46 birth photos (and cried), I am almost looking forward to the pain and meeting our son for the first time. If you had a child, it might bring some memories back.

On Friday I decided to cook pasta with a twist. Instead of using marinara sauce, I followed a Spicy Pumpkin Pasta that might sound strange, but it was delicious. The best part is that everything goes in one pan. Easy to clean.

Sometimes I get worried thinking what am I going to actually teach to my son, and what are the most important things to pass on to my child. I read a very interesting article by Dave Willis, in which he resolves all my worries and wonders into a short list of the 5 things your kids will remember. Please read it if you have or if you don't have a child.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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