Sunday, November 1, 2015


It's November 1st! The countdown for Baby MJ's D-day is getting closer and closer. Just two weeks away to start the third trimester. 
This week was great in KL because since the raining season started, the levels of haze decreased surprisingly in the city. We had lunch outdoors after two months of being inside the apartment every weekend, and we were finally able to open the windows and let the breeze come in. On Wednesday I got to see the mountains that surround the city and a beautiful blue sky. It felt as if I was looking at the stars for the first time in my life.

Also we celebrated Halloween day at our friends' house. Gavin and I were in charge of giving candies, but we would only give candies once the kiddos could fetch the duckings out of the bucket. It was a great idea to do it this way, because on the bottom of each ducking there was a number, and depending on the number they got, they could get that amount of candies. We also had delicious blood juice (beet juice), pumpkin soup, quiche lorraine, and apple crumble. It was a fun night, that got cancelled a little too early because of the strong rain.

I hope everyone had a spooky halloween weekend, and enjoyed some sugary treats, but not too many. ;)
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the week, and a few of my favorite links I found this week. Enjoy!

 Finished my Rothko inspired painting. I will share the progress in a later post.

For the first time I tried a cake ball, and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. Its a perfect idea for just a small bite of cake, and also so adorable. I found the recipe for a pumpkin spice cake ball, that I might give it a try.

I always look for cute/adorable baby pictures just to brainstorm on the future baby shots we can do with Baby MJ. I thought the daddy and baby are just to die for. Check the website for more photo ideas (mother-baby, siblings-baby). Looking at these pictures I can easily imagine Gavin and our little cutie in a near future.

And to start this month with a funny and cheerful note, please watch this matchup. If it doesn't make you dance I don't know what will. 

That's all for now. Enjoy your Sunday, and have a great Monday everyone!


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