Monday, November 23 2015


Hey guys! We arrived to the South Island of New Zealand. We flew Saturday morning and arrived to Christchurch, NZ on Sunday morning at 5AM. The actual travel wasn't that bad, specially since we got upgraded to business class, lucky us. Overall we did 15 hours of traveling. Sadly, my bag didn't arrive with us, which meant I had to spent all Sunday and Monday with Gavin's clothes, so ignore my weird outfits. We finally found a store open on Monday afternoon where I could get clean clothes and look more lady like.

So far the trip has been great. We are impressed with how polite and friendly New Zealanders are with us. And also with the beauty of nature. This country is beautiful and everyone works on keeping it that way. We saw lot of people in bicycles, walking early in the morning, and enjoying the parks. 

Sunday was a little lazy for us, getting used to the time difference since we have 5 hours difference with Kuala Lumpur, so that was a little more tricky. All day we either were tired or hungry. Also all Christchurch was closed except for a small and delicious café called Vic's Café. We had breakfast there and came back for lunch later. We walked around a beautiful park, with all the flowers blooming and a river walk near by.

Monday was a little more productive and we felt much more energetic than the day before. We had breakfast in our room, and then headed out to the shopping center for clothes. Gavin had time to book an appointment for a physio since his back hasn't been feeling great this past month. We were going to enjoy the river and try punting, but just before going the hotel called us to let us know my bag had arrived. After hugging my bag, we drove for almost 4 hours and arrived at Mt. Cook.

Now I am wearing my own pajama, and enjoying listening to the wind with heated blanket in our bed. Life is great!

Hope your Monday was great!


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