Friday, November 27, 2015


It seems like the rain keeps following us everywhere we go. Every new town that we get, immediately starts raining. But bad weather can't bring us down in this trip specially yesterday Thursday 26, Gavin's birthday. He was lucky enough to celebrate his birthday in New Zealand, enjoying almost all the activities he likes, and not being inside his office.

We started the day getting up early for Gavin's first fly instruction. I was brave/lucky enough to be part of it and joined him for his first flight. We had a great time overlooking the entire Wanaka valley, including a rare island that has a lake in the middle (Mou Waku) and the glaciers. Later we rented electric bikes to ride around the lake. If you have never tried an electric bike, let me tell you how wonderful it was my own experience. For a pregnant girl like me, it was so easy to go around the city, since you can adjust the amount of power you want the bike to have. So for some steep hills, I mostly pedaled softly and the bike did the rest. We even had time to rest near the river and ate savory puff pastry pies. We finished the birthday celebration at the movie theatre (watched Bridge of Spies) and an Italian meal for dinner. Overall the day was perfect, and we were lucky to avoid the rain the entire day.

Today morning, we packed everything and hit the road to our next destination. We arrived in Dunedin, a city where the first Scottish settlers arrived back in 1770. Of course it was raining all day, so we decided to have a quiet lunch, and explore old buildings around city centre.
Since yesterday we didn't have birthday cake, we found a cute danish bakery that sold a delicious chocolate cake and candles, and finally I could sing the birthday song to Gavin.

Tomorrow we have our fingers crossed for a sunny day or a 'not so rainy day' so we can be able to explore local museums, farmers' market, botanic gardens, and the best part of the day visit the Cadbury factory.

I can't believe we are half way into our trip, and in a week we are going back to KL. Time really flies when you are having fun as the popular saying goes.

By the way, happy thanksgiving to all of you celebrating it today. There are so many things to be grateful this year. For me, it would be my family, and having Gavin next to me to start our new family. 

The weekend is almost here! Love,



  1. What a beautiful country...... looks a lot like BC. I wish we could have been there with the two of you celebrating Gavin's birthday.
    alles liebe

    1. It is a beautiful country indeed. We wished you guys could have been here celebrating his birthday!