Friday, November 13, 2015


It's a rainy Friday here in Malaysia. Even though it is summer year round, rainy season almost feels like autumn, without the trees' leaves changing color. But I will pretend it is fall around here, a girl can dream sometimes, right?

So far it has been a very productive morning, including a 45-minute spinning class, cooking a vichyssoise soup, and having my monthly waxing appointment. I have been very lucky this whole pregnancy with my health and Baby MJ's health. Last appointment with my doctor, she gave me the green light for spinning class. Spinning has really helped me to stay motivated with my body, and not slouch on the couch all day. Today's class was great, and the instructor got a big surprise half way the class, when he realized I was pregnant.

Today I wanted to share my latest painting that is dedicated to Baby MJ. I shared already a few of my other paintings with you all, but I wanted to share this one because it will go in Baby MJ's nursery which makes it even special. We already ordered a more child-related painting for his room (Lorax fan anyone?), but since I started painting I had the idea of paining something for him.

I decided to draw a mother with her child, with the idea the mother will be me, and I will be holding Baby MJ.

After drawing on the canvas, which I got help from my two teachers, I painted a quick background which at the end I fixed. Then, I painted the skin color, that throughout the entire process I kept changing and adding light and dark colors.

This was my first time painting with a painting knife, rather than a brush. It was quite the difficult task, specially when I was painting small details on Baby MJ.

I realized how hard it could be to paint a self-portrait. Probably the last time I did it was in kindergarten when they made us draw ourselves. It was very helpful to ask the teachers' opinion and to receive guidance on my painting.

After covering all the canvas, it was time to step out from the painting and check on the entire painting as a whole so I could make a few changes on it. I wanted to add some shadows on the skin, highlights on both of the hairs, and the blanket.

This was the final product. I added more shadows on baby's blanket, and worked on the background.
Usually, when I finish a painting I immediately sign it. This time it was different. Once Baby MJ is born, I want to add his name and my name including his birth date. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the progress of this special painting. Please remember I am still learning to paint, and I only share it because this painting means a lot for me. I will never intent to brag or say I can paint spectacular. Learning is a never ending process. 

Have a great Friday, and enjoy the weekend!



  1. Sandra Basile www.sandrabasile.comNovember 13, 2015 at 11:51 PM

    I love this post Carolina! The painting is beautiful and your son will treasure it forever! =D <333

    1. Thank you Sandra! I hope he does hehe. Sending lots of love for you and your baby boy!!!

  2. Woo.. Really Nice Painting :D Now I trust you painted it ;)