Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Happy Tuesday everyone. So far this week started well, and everything is going smoothly. I am very excited on writing today's post because Baby MJ is another week older and I love sharing his progress with you all out there. I am very grateful for everyone that has been following Baby's development and for reading my blog. Whenever I get comments about the blog, I get extra happy inside and pleased that someone (apart from me) is enjoying reading it. So thank you again for all the sweet messages you all sent me. Sending you all an electronic hug :)
     Another week has passed, and I have more things to record on this pregnancy update. It feels like it was yesterday that I did my last update. Time passes really fast when you are having fun. I am lucky enough to say that this first pregnancy has gone so far very smoothly (knock on wood!). I am enjoying getting a few outfits for him, and ordering a few basics for the nursery.
     This week's update:

How far long: 22 weeks = 154 days. 
Baby MJ's size: He is as big as a spaghetti squash. I never seen this type of squash but I am down for a squash soup, anyone?
Weight gain: This question is more tricky since our scale broke and I haven't weight myself anywhere else. I feel really big anyways.
Miss anything: Doing headstands and full bridge pose when I was doing yoga with Gavin. But no headstand is as special as having this cutie inside of me. I can wait four months, no rush.
Belly button in or out: I actually bet Gavin it was going to pop out this week, but I guess I lost :(
Best moment this week: On one of our walks on the beach back in The Philippines a girl came to me and handed me an invitation for a beach party. Funny thing was when she realized I had a pregnant belly she took it back and said "Oh, sorry no" I found it so funny and a big reality check. Although I bet I can still party... in my dreams...
Sleep: Impressively good. Doing my zombie walk to the toilet only once a night. If we didn't have a nightlight I would literary stumble upon everything on my way.
Symptoms: Just feeling like someone put a soccer ball inside of me. I can't even believe my belly will keep growing for 17 more weeks.
Food cravings: Loving my açai bowls with lots of bananas. Also enjoying homemade sandwiches with tofu ham I bought back in Canada. I won't like the day that I run out of it.
Movements: I realized he will kick a lot when I go to bed, but once I woke up in the morning, he only will start kicking when he hears my voice or Gavin's. So considerate.
Names: We started calling him one name, that might be the one.
Looking forward to: We have our monthly doctor appointment tomorrow, so really looking forward to see him in the ultrasound and check what kind of naughty thing he is doing inside. 

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