Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Last pregnancy update from October! November is around the corner. Lots of exciting things to happen next month, including my brother's and Gavin's birthdays, Thanksgiving dinner, and our last trip before I am too big to fly anywhere.
I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying the fall season, with lots of leaves to rake, and I hope everyone back in my hometown is admiring the beautiful season of spring. Back in KL everything is the same, same weather, same haze, except for my belly that keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day. eek!

This week's update:

How far long: 25 weeks = 175 days. 15 weeks left!
Baby MJ's size: Baby MJ is the size of rutabaga. The only time I ate a rutabaga was our first dinner date when Gavin cook for me. Delicious!
Weight gain: My appetite increased lots this last week, so probably a few more grams if not a kilo ha!
Miss anything: I used to love seafood and salmon, but every time someone mentions the word fish I get a big aversion to it. Tonight I told Gavin I wanted to cook a mushroom risotto. He liked the idea but asked for shrimps in it. Lets see if I am able to cook them or eat them.
Belly button in or out: In
Best moment this week: Surprisingly we ended up having a car this week, which allowed us to move a little more free around the city and not use uber every time we needed to go out. Also we had a cat last week, and even though Gavin disliked cleaning the cat's litter, it was really nice to have some company around the house and pet a furry friend.
Sleep: The moment I put my head on the pillow I fell asleep asap. If I could brush my teeth even faster (2 minutes in the electric toothbrush) and run straight to bed would do it. Somedays I even slept 10 hours in a row.
Symptoms: I think I have done my fare amount of walking throughout this pregnancy, but when I had to stand in a line, or walked in the heat and humidity of the city I really suffered in my legs and walked even slower.
Food cravings: Cereals, milk, apples, and all berries.
Movements: It has been really fun to feel his strong kicks lately. He's getting much stronger and better at moving around.
Names: Top secret now...
Looking forward to: We met Gavin's coworker's newborn baby daughter on the weekend. Seeing how small she was and how cute newborns are, it just made me want to hold Baby MJ so bad and cuddle with him and Gavin. 15 weeks until that day!

That's all for this week. Hope you all are having a great week so far, 



  1. I love the pregnancy updates. You look great Caro! Hugs from Houston.

    1. Thanks Yen! Hope you are doing great in Houston. Big hug from Malaysia!