Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Happy Tuesday! I hope your week started great with blue skies around you. Over here seems like the haze is never going to leave. The government has actually said we might have this haze until next year... eek! So we are actually struggling a little with this idea, and the possibility that Baby MJ might be born with all this haze around him :(
Well enough of bad news, I am so grateful and excited to say Baby MJ is now 24 weeks old, which means I am 6 months pregnant, and in the last month of the second trimester!
Baby MJ has been an angel so far, he is kicking tons, but he still does it very softly, letting this mama-to-be sleep longer at night.

So this week's update:

How far long: 24 weeks = 168 days. I am 6 months pregnant!
Baby MJ's size: He is as long as a ear of corn. Hmm suddenly I want to eat some corn on the cob.
Weight gain: From the last check-up two weeks ago with the doctor I gained another kilo from last month. Probably gained another pound since then.
Miss anything: Blue skies and fresh air...
Belly button in or out: In, that silly belly button doesn't want to come out. I am totally fine.
Best moment this week: I really enjoyed bringing Gavin and Baby MJ to listen to the Malaysian Philharmonic, even though Gavin felt asleep. Also we finally got our marriage certificate from the States, so now I can finally start changing documents over to my new last name, MJ.
Sleep: Sleeping fine with Baby inside of me... the only problem is that I have a loud roommate who snores pretty much e-v-e-r-y-s-i-n-g-l-e-n-i-g-h-t. I actually recorded him the other night. I wish I could share it with you all, but I have a feeling he might not like it, and he might close my blog for ever.
Symptoms: Feeling definitely more tired, even after sleeping 8 hours. The other night I woke up and suddenly I had the biggest cramp on both of my legs. What an awful feeling to have when waking up. 
Food cravings: Bagels and cream cheese. Lots of cream cheese. I actually have been eating lots of cheese, milk, and yogurt. 
Movements: So much recently. I counted his kicks with an app (there's an app for anything) and he did 10 kicks in 17 minutes. He has the sweetest kicks ever though. 
Names: I thought we had a name, but then Mr. Trouble said he didn't like that name... We will see what he says this week about the name.
Looking forward to: My new passport with the new last name and use it for our upcoming vacation we are planning with Gavin. Can't wait to breath fresh air for our Baby MJ.

This was during our date at the Malaysian Philharmonic on Saturday night

I hope this week I can finish my Rothko inspirited painting and share with you all soon. Thanks again for continuing to read this blog.

love, xo.


  1. Qué q entretenido por todo lo que estas pasando Caro !! Me acuerdo que con Agustín se le salió el ombligo para afuera pero como a las 30 semanas Jajajaja. Besotes y sube mas fotos de tus bellas pinturas!!! Kisses

    1. Gracias Maida!!! Si me tinca que me va a pasar eso, en unas 5 semanas mas quizás sale el ombligo, o quizás no! jaja Espero que todo este bien!! Cariños!