Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Gavin told me I should post next to my first painting

Guess who is 23 weeks old now? This week baby MJ has really started to enjoy all the sweets I have been eating, since he grew a whole lot from last ultrasound. Also, I can notice the size of my belly isn't the size of a tiny tennis ball anymore. More like a futsball one.
Last Wednesday we went to baby's doctor and thankfully everything is in order and he is progressing normally.

How far long: 23 weeks = 161 days. A mama monkey takes the same time to pop out a little monkey.
Baby MJ's size: Large mango. Doctor told us the total weight of baby MJ is 521 gr. and it should double in the upcoming weeks. eek!
Weight gain: I gained one kilo from last month's check-up. So far I have been gaining weight very steadily. Fingers crossed that it stays like that until the end.
Miss anything: All I want to eat is deli meat, which I really disliked before getting pregnant. Now I wish I could have some turkey meat or ham with cheese and some bread. Yum!
Belly button in or out: This belly button doesn't want to come out, which I am totally fine with. My mom told me that hers never came out. I guess is all about genetics.
Best moment this week: During the ultrasound I was laughing so hard when the doctor told us that the size of all Baby MJ's measurements was matching the number of weeks I am pregnant, with the exception of his belly. His belly was almost a week ahead from the rest... meaning he's a little fatty (or dickie in german).
Sleep: Sleeping great, just going to the loo once at night, and some nights I have weird dreams.
Symptoms: Maybe is the soon to be mama hormones in me, but all I want to do is read to baby MJ, and watch things about babies... but I still adventured myself to watch Narcos with the fanatic husband that enjoys it.
Food cravings: Sweets, sweets, and did I mention sweets. (At the moment I am eating 
"summer berries and cream" ice cream from Haagen Dasz, shhh don't tell Gavin)
Movements: Lots! During my pilates class he decided to start kicking so much that I had to rest for a little while.
Names: We picked his first and middle name, but still want to see his adorable face before naming him.
Looking forward to: Hold him in my arms, and singing lullabies, or cuddle the three of us in the morning.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a public holiday in Malaysia (again) so we are looking forward to the emptiness of the city in the morning without construction or car noises. :)
Hope you all started a great week, and if not, then tomorrow is always a new day!


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