Thursday, October 1, 2015


Last weekend, Gavin and I explored the island of Boracay, in The Philippines. And by exploring I actually meant that we laid on some of the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen, and walked around looking for yummy food.
   Our most recent trips had been to big cities around SE Asia, so this time we finally (I forced Gavin) agreed on going for a laid-back holiday, and just relax at a beach. After all, my belly is growing a lot these days, which will only make me walk even slower than I already do.
    We left Friday morning from KL and got to the island after a taxi + flight + bus + ferry + car. We arrived as a hungry couple ready to eat the first thing they could find.
     Overall, the weekend was the perfect escape that was needed, specially since KL had the worst haze for this year over the weekend. We decided on going for a half day tour of island hopping, snorkeling, walking on the beach, and then finished the day with a massage. Gavin was the active one who played volleyball twice, and jumped from a cliff.
    I was very lucky that some of my old swimsuits still fit with this new body I am caring, but I am in love with this cute swimsuit collection which is more pregnant friendly than buying from beautiful victoria's secret models. If you are pregnant or every will be, remember my words: do not check their swimsuit online shopping.

    Hope you enjoy our holiday pictures, as much as we enjoyed our 4 day holiday.


PS. Happy Fall season for all my friends in the north!! So jealous of you!

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