Sunday, October 4, 2015


October is here! I can't believe how time flies and all of the sudden your regular pants don't fit anymore, and you only have 4 more months until D-day. This month was always fun for me back when I was living in the US, mostly because the weather has a fresh crispy feeling, leaves are in perfect condition to crunch them, and it all ends with happy kids dressed up in cute costumes while eating delicious fall favorites.
   Now life is much different. We get summer year long, and raining season is almost starting in Malaysia. We will be grateful when the rain comes to Malaysia (and Indonesia) and puts an end to this haze. Sadly this weekend we had to stay indoors since the level of pollution was unbearable. But we tried to see the glass as half full and enjoyed our time at home. Gavin and I caught up on some movie time in bed, did P90x Yoga (this quitter only did a few minutes), and even spent Saturday night babysitting the cutest girls for our friends who are leaving town soon. We decided to visit the local aquarium on Sunday so we could be more active and get out of home for a little bit.

  Here are some of the my favorite photos + weekly finds that I want to share with you.

Everyone knows October is a time for pumpkins: jack o'lanterns, pumpkin pie, pumpkin decor. The moment I saw this mini pumpkin layer cake I felt like fall started.

Also October is breast cancer awareness month and thus time to get yourself and/ or your loved one checked. This lovely foundation has good ideas on how women and men (yes you guys are included) should celebrate this month.

I am obsessed with the designs and cuteness that baby Gap has for boys and girls. Did I mention they have a big sale and 40% discount? If only I could try all those clothes on Baby MJ already.

And to finish on a funny note, please check this smart baby. He even made sure his pacifier was down as well.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


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