Sunday, October 18, 2015


I can't believe the weekend is almost over (in Malaysia at least). Even though I wanted it to be a relax and stay-at-home weekend, we actually ended up doing a lot of stuff.
On Saturday, after teaching at the local refugee school, we met with some friends outside the city for brunch. In the night, Gavin invited me (again I forced him, and I had to win a bet) to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. For me, it was a very special night, knowing that Baby MJ can listen to music now. For Gavin, it was two hours of sitting down and catching up with some sleep he was missing. Overall, it was a fun and busy Saturday. Listening to a french pianist and a beautiful orchestra was the best thing to relax and enjoy life in Malaysia.
On Sunday, we stayed indoors, after noticing the haze was fully back, and we weren't planning on wearing masks all day long. We managed to do some stuff around home, and entertained ourselves with a competitive domino round (I won) and finishing our fall/halloween decoration.
Hope your weekend went great and you feel ready for the start of a brand new week. Sending lots of love to everyone from Malaysia!

Some pics from the weekend and fun links I founded on the web.

Inside was really pretty
He is not so happy at losing Dominos
Selfie next to Petronas towers. My belly is covering my body!

This cute little boy made us laugh every single time we watched it. I wonder if he will laugh once he grows up and sees himself.

We had brunch with friends on Saturday at a pancakes place. The idea was really cool, in which they hand you a batter and you can make your own pancakes. I only wished they had this kind of pancakes.

A long time ago, my sister-in-law sent me this video. I really liked the main message that these ladies sent, and to remember it once I have my own babies.

Next week you can read the new pregnancy update. Baby MJ is 24 weeks now!


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