Friday, October 9, 2015


Lately I have been wanting to wear cold weather gear. Maybe it is my maternity status, that I just want to be cozy with blankets, and enjoy warm drinks while hibernating in our apartment. But that's a little ridiculous since it is 27 degrees (that's 81 F for you americans) outside, so I am forced to use the A/C as my cool wind, and the haze as the snow.
    Anyways, no warm weather can deprive me from dreaming of fall and all the preparations for halloween. Today we got our pumpkins for carving. Since the closest pumpkin patch is in Japan, we just had to go with the boring alternative: buying our pumpkin at the grocery store. They are still cute though.
   Of course, this week's style I had to choose comfy and fall related items. Hope you like the outfit, and get inspired for some fall celebrations!

One / Two / Three
Four / Five / Six

Hope your week is going great so far. Tomorrow is Friday!


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