Friday, October 23, 2015

Cooking: A Bowl Of Goodness

It's Friday!!! This week has been a little unusual han the other weeks. Instead of going to Pilates I spent Wednesday morning at the US embassy getting all my legal documents in order before Baby MJ comes next year, and figuring out what to do when our Baby is born abroad.
Also, we got a cat on Thursday named Simba. Sadly, he is not ours and we need to return him on Sunday. He is the cutest cat ever. I could tell you tons of things about him, but then you all might get bored with my cat stories. In summary, I asked Gavin if we could have a cat but he said I needed to choose between a baby or a cat. I guess that decision was already made for me.
And the other unusual thing of this week, is that I won't do my weekly fashion collage, but instead I will share with you my favorite açai bowl recipe.

Before the recipe let me tell you a little about açai and why this recipe:

One year ago, Gavin and I met up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the world cup. While enjoying fresh coconut water, feijoada, and the beautiful beaches of Rio, one of Gavin's friend introduced us to the local treat, açai. 
You probably already heard tons about this superfood that only grows in the rainforest of Brazil and the benefits of it. The day we tried it, we had it with bananas, granola, and strawberries. Let me tell you, this sweet look-a-like ice-cream was delicious and addictive. 
So after moving to Malaysia I found, from Navitas Naturals, the same açai in a powder consistence. It can be a little pricey, but a small spoon goes a long way, and it changes the flavor of any smoothie. I always bring a bag of açai with me to Malaysia whenever I visit the States to keep our açai obsession. 

During this pregnancy I have been craving sweet stuff like smoothies, but I am trying not to drink raw fruit drinks from outside home in case of any contamination that might harm Baby MJ or me. So I decided to make my own açai bowls at home.

My favorite açai bowl recipe:


1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen berries. I also add a few chunks of frozen pineapple.
1 cup almond milk or any type you like. If you have a very strong blender, you can just add 1/2 cup.
1/2 cup thick yogurt. Our favorite is chobani but you can use any you like.
1 tablespoon of agave. You can add more if you like more sweet.
1 tablespoon of Navitas Naturals açai.
1 banana, or any fruit you want for toppings.
2 tablespoon of chia seeds.

Start by adding the milk in the blender first, so then it is easier to blend the frozen fruits. Then, add in the yogurt, agave, açai. Finally, add all the frozen fruits.
Blend well, making sure all the fruits are blend well, and there are no lumps inside.
Pour it on a bowl, and top it with your favorites toppings. You can add hemp seeds or peanut butter for some protein intake, or granola for a little crunchiness. 

Now enjoy your delicious bowl of goodness for your body while watching your favorite tv show maybe. I'll enjoy mine with some Mindy Project at the moment.

Happy Friday and get ready for a great weekend!


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