Wednesday, September 16, 2015


One of the perks of living in Malaysia is that we get 19 public holidays a year. We try to get out of the city as much as we can. There are beautiful beaches and countryside just a few hours flight away. In June 3, 2015 we were getting ready for our trip to the town of Ubud, on the island of Bali. This was my first time flying there, and had planned to attend yoga classes after hearing from other yoginis how wonderful it is out there. 
Between packing and planning the trip, I had forgotten to get a pregnancy test even though I was late for a week.

    The truth is, 
when it comes to getting me of the house I am very lazy, I much prefer staying indoors and relaxing after teaching for 8 hours. But this time it was different, I had to get out of the house and get the pregnancy test before leaving to Bali. What I did not know, these were the last days I was going to feel perfectly fine and careless.

     Finally, I gathered my courage and stopped procrastinating. I had only a few hours before Gavin was home. Buying the test was a piece of cake. Now, peeing on that little stick and waiting was not something pleasant. But I did it and then I waited... and waited... and waited.... seriously the longest 5 minutes I had ever wait. Until...

     Now comes the fun part. How to tell Gavin the big news? He was still at work, and probably would come home late afternoon since he always says he is busy and loaded with work (most of the times he chats with coworkers around the world). I googled for ideas on "How to tell your partner that you are pregnant?" And lots of cute and laborious ideas came up. Everything seemed too cheesy for Gavin. At the end, I decided to let him know without big surprises or anything too elaborate. 

When he finally got home, I just wanted to burst it out and share the good news. I waited until he came in to the bedroom and told him he needed to sit down. Of course, as stubborn as he is, he said: "No! I have been sitting all day and do not need to sit anymore". I had to tackle him and force him to stay seated before I told him: "I have some news...I'm pregnant"All I got from him was the most surprising face I have ever seen of him, he this:

"That's the end of my life.... as I know it"

Yes, those are the exact words that my soon-to-be father of my child said to me on our special day. For the rest of the night he kept looking at me and asking if I was sure. Men can be very funny/dummy in situations like this one I guess.

Two weeks later,  I was already 7 weeks pregnant. We had scheduled an appointment with a doctor that lots of girlfriends I know in Kuala Lumpur went when they were pregnant and recommend. If you have lived abroad, you can understand how hard it is to get a good recommendation for a doctor, especially one that will bring your baby out of this world. 

First picture of Baby MJ. Baby's size of a blueberry

         We got to hear our Baby's heart beating for the first time, and confirmed that I was pregnant of one little Baby MJ.

        As for our wonderful trip to Bali, to sum it up: 90% of the time I was sick, morning sickness hit me really hard after finding out I was pregnant. The rest 10% I was either exhausted by the heat or too sleepy to go somewhere since my morning sickness (more like all day sickness) did not allow me to sleep well. Still as of today whenever I think about Bali, some of the old nausea feeling comes back.

Join us in this journey of my pregnancy, life in Malaysia, and fun things that happen everyday.


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