Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Today's post is the introduction to my dream closet at the moment. As my belly keeps getting bigger by the day, I found myself searching for hours in my closet for a nice outfit that can actually fit.
Last weekend, Gavin and I were invited to a colleague's house for a dinner date. Usually I would just fix an outfit with my regular clothes a few hours before heading out, but this time I had a big bump. Don't get me wrong, I am obsessed with finally showing off my pregnant belly, but it can be hard to find something cute and affordable when you are pregnant. 

I dared myself into Zara, hoping to find something that could fit, and that I could also use  post-partum. Luckily I found this dress, which has a adjustable belt on top of the belly, making my growing belly looking even better.

Once I got home I showed it to Gavin expecting he would like my new acquisition. Indeed he liked it, but also commented that I chose a "girl power" dress. 

And that's how today's collection came out to be. These are more of my picks that pregnant or non-pregnant gals can wear before the cold weather comes (if in you live in the north hemisphere) or for the upcoming spring time (south hemisphere). 



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