Thursday, September 24, 2015


So far this week at the MJ household everything has been good. Baby MJ has been moving a lot, kicking, somersaulting, you name it. While Gavin and I have been busy getting ready for our holiday in The Philippines this weekend. Between packing snacks, clothes, swimsuits, I need to share with you the first time we read to baby MJ before we head out.
   Both Gavin and I knew how important it is to read to children from an early age. Not only does it help them with language acquisition and early language development, but it also creates a special bond between parents and child. We both know how special it felt when our parents read to us before going to bed. 
   After some research on the benefits of reading to newborns, I came across the important benefits of reading to your unborn child. For example, reading the same book every night calms the baby's heart, and the baby starts recognizing patterns in your voice, as well as it helps parents prepare and feel more comfortable reading to the little baby once he/she comes in to their lives.
 So there you have it, mamas-to-be, or future mamas, start your children's book collection before that baby comes to your world, and begin reading to them while they are still inside of you.

I'm sure he will be an incredible papa

Some of my favorite books to read to Baby MJ / 1. / 2. / 3. / 4.

 P.S. Stay tuned for my next pregnancy update in The Philippines and more weekend photos.


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