Sunday, September 20, 2015

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  While I write this first pregnancy update I am cooking a french dish called Ratatouille for the first time. There are lots of first things happening right now. Hope I can say I cooked a great dish, fingers crossed!

  Ok, back to the update. Even though I decided to start this blog half-way through my pregnancy (20 proud weeks!) I still wanted to keep a log of my future pregnant weeks to go until D-day. And seriously, the first 3 months of pregnancy I was a zombie. Morning sickness hit me hard, meaning morning, afternoon and night hard. Finally the fourth month came, and I was almost back to normal, minus the crazy mood swings I went through. Gavin would say now I had those crazy moods even when I was not pregnant. Anyways, at the moment I feel great and ready for the weekly pregnancy updates to start. 
Here we go!!!

How far long: 20 weeks!! Almost the same time a mother beaver takes to conceive a baby beaver.
Baby MJ's size: According to my app, our baby is the size of a large heirloom tomato. Perfect occasion for a Ratatouille dinner dish.
Weight gain: From my last check up, I weight 52 kgs, but I feel so much heavier. So just 1 kg. overall. 
Miss anything: SUSHI, SUSHI, and more SUSHI. I seriously dreamed one night I ate raw sushi all day long.
Belly button in or out: In, but I have a feeling it's almost time to come out.
Best moment this week: There are two: First, at the beginning of this week we found out we are expecting a fatty little baby boy. And second, we got very special photos and videos of him a the doctor's office. We finally saw his face in 3D. It's a very unique moment when you see your son's little face for the first time after hoping he gets his daddy's looks.
Sleep: Most of the nights I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, which are interrupted by my 1-2 hangouts at the bathroom. Not so bad actually.
Symptoms: Some spices that restaurants use or the local fruit we have in Malaysia, are not helping me get through the groceries without covering my nose.
Food cravings: Lately I have been good at controlling my cravings. The other night I told Gavin I wanted stir-fry for dinner. Once he cooked it and brought it to the table, I was not able to eat. Sorry Gordo!
Movements: I think he is auditioning for the Manchester United team inside there.
Names: Every day this week we came with a new name, but didn't agree on any. So no names yet. Still lots of time though.
Looking forward to: Meet his face in person and see how much of Gavin he took from.



  1. Du siehst super aus! Das Kleid ist sehr figurbetont...... let Gavin do the translation......