Monday, September 28, 2015


Finally I have internet that's fast enough to write this week's pregnancy update. At the moment, Gavin and I are waiting for our flight back to Kuala Lumpur that leaves in an hour. Enough time for me to get some writing on our Baby MJ and his progress.
     This last weekend we came to Boracay, in The Philippines, for a quick getaway from the city's haze. We had a blast in this beautiful island. Best thing for me was not getting sick (I usually end up sick in all of our SE Asia holidays), and I managed to eat healthy (except for the two burritos) and stay a little more active than expected. Next post I will make sure to upload more pictures from our holiday.
     Now is time for Baby MJ!

How far long: We are 21 weeks = 147 days. A baby goat takes the same time to be born.
Baby MJ's size: He is the size of a carrot. Should start enjoying some carrot juice or baby carrots with hummus. Yum!
Weight gain: Hmm probably after this holiday I gained another kilo.
Miss anything: Haven't feel like missing anything this last week. The only thing is the feeling of being more careless. While at our holiday we went snorkeling, which is one of the safest thing to do in an island, and I got stung by a jellyfish. I was about to freaked out big time. Thank goodness Gavin has magical abilities to calm me down.
Belly button in or out: In... Maybe it will stay inside for a little while.
Best moment this week: One thing I am very thankful was not getting sick, which would had not been good for me and overall our Baby. And the second best thing was the feeling of jumping in the waves with Gavin and floating in the ocean with my belly. 
Sleep: Really glad I am only visiting the bathroom once a night, and sleeping almost 8 hours.
Symptoms: Feeling really great and showing a lot the belly now.
Food cravings: Did I mention I ate two burritos on our holiday?
Movements: Lots and lots of boxing happening inside there.
Names: We chose a middle name, and almost close to pick his first name, but still with lots of doubts. 
Looking forward to: Take one day our Baby MJ to the beach and enjoy the sand and water.



  1. I remember when I was pregnant and all the excitement I felt for 9 months! You look beautiful and blooming :)