Friday, September 18, 2015


Finally this day came. After waiting for 19 weeks, our doctor was able to spot Baby MJ's gender. 

   For the gender announcement of our first child, Gavin and I wanted to get the news in a special way. Thanks to Pinterest I was overloaded with great ideas for this event; from a box full of color balloons of the gender, to cute photos with the family dogs and older siblings. Since we both love eating we got an excuse to gather our friends for a small BBQ and reveal the gender with a colorful cake.

One / Two / Three

Last weekend, September 12th, we had food, drinks, friends, and a mystery to solve. I made pink bows for a girl, and blue mustaches for a boy so people could show the gender that they guessed. Almost all the girls chose a pink bow, and the gentlemen of course chose the blue mustache. As for Gavin and I, he was certain Baby MJ was a boy, while mama thought all this time baby was a girl.

On the other side of the world, our parents and families had their own opinions about the gender. My 4 year old niece demanded we should have a baby girl since she already got a baby boy last time. For my in-laws they were all hoping for a girl as well, considering they already have three grandsons.

At the end, we are both hoping for a healthy Baby MJ, either a boy or girl, we know this beautiful child will bring so many blessings and smiles to our lives.

Please enjoy our BBQ pics, and share in the moment when we finally cut the cake and found out more about our little Baby MJ.

It's a boy! 

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