Fr6day, August 25, 2016


The past two weeks we got our first sibling visit from my youngest brother Max. We got both parents from each side visited us, and Gavin's aunt and uncle last year as well, but never a sibling. It was so nice to have family with us, especially consider the air travel is so long to Malaysia. My brother is currently getting ready to head to the UK for his master, so he had some free time to spend with Matias and us.
We took him to our favorite indian Tandoori restaurant in town, and of course he loved it. They make the best cheese naan in all Kuala Lumpur.
The day we took this photos, there was a birthday party in our condo, and they ordered a gelato cart for the birthday. We had our eyes on the gelato, and didn't realized it was ONLY for the birthday haha.
I love spending time with family, and just talk really fast Spanish and actually someone understand me. I am still hoping that Gavin becomes fluent in Spanish one day. Matias will have to teach his Papa how to say almost everything in Spanish that's for sure.

Best of luck in everything you do Max!!!! Thanks for visiting your favorite nephew hehe. See you in the UK.


PS: Matias loves wearing his crown. People who see him with it call him "King Matias". He looks adorable in it.

Workouts with Papa

Saturday, August 20, 2016




One of the things we try to leave room for in the day is exercising. Gavin sometimes uses his lunch time at work to go to the gym, and I will devote some afternoon time for either yoga at the gym or a workout routine at the condo's gym. Sometimes I walk around the park with Gavin and Matias when the weather is good. It doesn't count as a whole workout, but at least it keeps us moving and Matias entertained. A few days ago, we decided to incorporate our cutest gym equipment named Matias into Gavin's workout plan. Gavin had a workout at our place's gym and afterwards did a few exercises while holding MJ. Matias weighs 7.5 now, so he is in the perfect condition for a light workout with his Papa.

We did a short video of the workout and also took photos of each workout for everyone who might want to try it with their little one. Just do each workout 15 times twice. Make sure your little one has a strong neck to hold his head, and never bump or swing his head.

Hope you enjoy it.


Baby Update

Saturday, August 20, 2016


As I write this post, I watch my little boy take his nap in his crib, and on my side Gavin sleeps his cold away. We are going through a rough week that started as a fever for Gavin and myself, and just a long cold for Matias.
The good news is that today Matias turns 7 months old! You might think that this cold would be slowing down :( but nope, it doesn't keep him still. He's as happy as ever, very playful, and loves attention from people around him, especially from his Papa.

Here's Matias' update:

How old is he now: Matis is 7 months old.
Baby MJ's size and weight: He weighs 7.5 kg and his height is 70 cm.
Best moment this month: Having his uncle in town for a few days was really nice for the whole family. Matias loved to spend time cuddling with him and even talking with him. Also, Matias got his two bottom front teeth and without much complaining at all, it was a breeze. And finally, we enjoyed our first road-trip in a bus to the island of Penang for a yoga retreat.
Sleep: He still takes his three naps during the day, but with different lengths. Some are short and sweet, and others are long and very convenient for Mama to work around the house.
At night, he still wakes up 2 to 3 times, and I am usually letting him sleep with us after he wakes up the second time around 5 am. He is really good at going to bed at night, around 8:30 to 9 pm.
Movements: He is enjoying his "Little Gym" class where he learns lots of new moves to do with me, and that we later teach his Papa. He hasn't been able to sit by himself or crawl, but I am in no rush to push him. I am loving holding him everywhere we go.
Favorite Toy: Maracas and maracas. If he ever gets in a fit (during dress-up or while eating) we show him a maraca and he immediately freezes. He loves to shake it and eat it. We actually have a maraca in almost all of the rooms of the apartment. I guess my trip to Mexico where I got the maracas was worth it after all. Also, he loves his Sophie, Petsy, and the mobil on his crib.
He Likes To: eat food and drink water. We are taking his water bottle everywhere now since Malaysia is pretty hot, and he usually is very thirsty. At the moment, he likes all the food we have introduced him to, and he eats all his meals, almost. He also likes to workout with his Papa, go on walks in his carrier, meet new friends, and sleep next to his Mama.
Favorite Food: He loves dessert time. The homemade ones I usually make are a mix of pureed apples, pears, and some spinach or kale. Luckily, he eats all of it. He also likes to eat his watermelon in his fruit sucker. I carry the fruit sucker everywhere we go, so if we have any fruit with us during lunch for example, we would let him eat the fruit in the sucker.
Mama's experience: I am finally in my pre-baby weight, and doing more gym workouts thanks to Gavin who got me a workout plan, and the free babysitting, which means I can run to the gym for an hour or so. I have been able to meet more moms through a resource group here in Malaysia, and I am loving seeing Matias interact with older and younger babies.
Looking forward to: Tomorrow Mati gets to see his Opa (Gavin's dad) who comes for a week. Also, this month we will enjoy the long weekend at the end of the month; we decided to stay in town this time. Hopefully, we can travel next time in October for the next public holiday.
Also, looking forward to introducing more food items for him to try.