Gavin's Birthday

Monday, November 28, 2016


 It was such a fun weekend. Since we are a day (13 hours to be exact, depending on time zone) ahead of the occidental side of the world, Gavin had a two day birthday celebration. We started Saturday the 26th with the entire family waking up at 9 am. And it was perfect, just what we needed from our sleepless nights days before. Matias and I then showered Gavin with presents, cards, and kisses. We went to Matias' morning sensory class, then had lunch with our Argentinian/Venezuelan friends, and after that, the three of us took an hour nap. We finished Saturday with a potluck at "The Little Gym" where we burned all up the energy Matias had stored.
On Sunday we had a brunch/storytelling and in the afternoon Gavin was finally able to play soccer. Overall, in my point of view, the weekend was a very busy, but fun way to celebrate Gavin's birthday. I do hope he had a great time, and felt all the love we have for him.
Love you Papa Gavin!!